NFL - Are you ready?

NFL Season – Time to Root for Your Team!

Can you believe it? Football season is already here with the first week of NFL games starting on Thursday, September 7th!

You wouldn’t be surprised to hear that half of Americans say they are football fans, right? But when you hear the number 160 million people – I mean that’s a lot of people to follow the NFL each season! On top of that, the Super Bowl has been recorded as the most watched game in the history of the United States Television. From these numbers, it is quite evident that the hype is real!

Football season is synonymous with chillier weather, Sunday parties and of course national team pride. Time to break out your team paraphernalia!

Show your loyalty with Hard Hats!

What better way to root for your favorite team than supporting them with an NFL hard hat? At you can purchase an officially licensed NFL hard hat which also meets ANSI standards! A legitimate hard hat, with legitimate safety!

Some features on the MSA NFL hard hat include:NFL Hard Hat

  • Officially NFL licensed
  • Durable polyethylene construction
  • 1-touch pin lock that ensures easy adjustment and donning
  • Slotted built for keeping the moisture out
  • Sized 6 1/2” to 8”

Click here to order your favorite team’s hard hat and support them in style. All teams’ are available, so grab one to start showing pride in your fave team! Who knows, you may even get some winks or fist bumps while wearing it!

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