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How To Measure Your Head: Hard Hats for Dummies

So, as you already know, hard hat suspensions are adjustable to fit a variety of head sizes. Most suspensions are adjustable from 6.5 inches to 8 inches. What does this mean exactly? And how do you measure the inches on your head?

Since we get asked this question a whole lot, we wrote this how-to-measure article. It’s surprisingly easy. Here goes. (If you haven’t read our article on “Do Hard Hats Have Sizes?”, now would be a great time!)

What are the inches on the hard hat referring to?

The measurement in inches, is the circumference of the suspension. Circumference is the measurement of a circle ⭕. Of course since our heads are round, the inches on the hard hat suspension are referring to inches in circumference.

How to get an accurate measurement 📏

Here is what you’ll need:

  • A non-stretch and pliable measuring tape.
  • Your head 😜

To get the accurate size of your head, you need a measuring tape that will not stretch. Additionally, the measuring tape needs to be flexible, so it curves with your head. We know you have a metal measuring tape handy, but don’t use that! It will not bend precisely to your head thus not giving you an accurate reading.

how to measure your head 1.  Remove caps, bands, headphones etc. from your head.

 2.  Place the measuring tape 3” above your eyebrows.

 3.  Wrap the measuring tape around your head while making sure to keep it in place. The measuring tape should rest on the bone in the back, middle of your head (the occipital bone). You can feel a small bump where the bone is at.

 4.   Hold your finger  tightly where the measuring tape meets the start of the measuring tape and remove.

 5.  Record the size in inches and repeat for accuracy.

Ta Da 🎊 – You have now measured your head and have the accurate circumference of your head!

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