Can I Put Stickers on My Hard Hat?

Can I Put Stickers on My Hard Hat? Hard Hats for Dummies

Stickers on hard hats are so great. Especially when the stickers are fantastic quotes or great one-liners! Those are just bomb 💣

However, we’ve heard that stickers and paint mess with the ANSI rating of the hard hat. Is that true? Our customers have asked and we have done our research.

Here is what we found. 🔍


How Can Stickers Negatively Affect a Hard Hat?

  • May Hide Damage 🔨
    According to OSHA’s statement on October 27th, 2009, the first reason why stickers may reduce protection is because they can conceal damage to the hard hat which would otherwise be visible. Cracks, dents or penetration can easily be missed when it is covered.
  • May Eliminate Electrical Resistance ⚡
    For those of us that use our hard hats to protect against electrical currents, stickers and/or paint can harm the efficacy of protection.
  • Paint Chemicals May Damage the Shell ☢️
    The chemicals and solvents in the paint may eat away at the shell of the hard hat. The design may look cool, but the protection is not.

The shells of the hard hats are made to perfection, with the ability to protect our skulls and brains. If anything changes on the shell, even slightly, it can throw it off balance and no longer be a protective mechanism.


OSHA’s Take

Hard Hats with stickers are questionable by OSHA

In OSHA’s 2009 statement, they explain that the stickers and paint would fall under the 29 CFR 1910.132(a), which requires that PPE be “…maintained in a sanitary and reliable condition…”

After explaining how paints and stickers can affect the reliability of the hard hat, they then say:
“OSHA would consider painting or placing adhesive stickers acceptable if the manufacturer authorizes the alteration or the employer can demonstrate that the reliability of the helmet is not affected by the paint or the adhesive on the stickers…”  (Read the entire OSHA statement here.)

So clearly, you cannot simply decorate a hard hat at your discretion. Stickers and paint on your hard hat must be approved by the manufacturer of the hard hat you wear. Most manufacturers provide specifications on what works with their hard hats. 👷


Our Take

Your safety is always on our minds 💚. That’s why, at, we customize hard hats with pad printing which is a paint process that is in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. The painting we offer on our hard hats never mess with the effectiveness of your hard hat.

Additionally, we don’t just sell any hard hat stickers on our site. 🚧 🚧 🚧 The adhesives we sell are by the manufacturers standards which will not reduce the protection of your hard hat.

To find out more about our pad printing for custom logo hard hats, go ahead and read our article explaining the pad printing process.


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